Friday, June 24, 2011

note from Sandy

"Buttermilk Acres" is our new home.

We have been blessed to have a friend, Joanna Wilcox, who has graciously agreed to help us chronicle our adventure as we relocate and build a "mostly" recycled cabin in the mountains of Tennesee. As many of you know, we made the move to the mountains in September of 2010 and leased a farm in Trade, TN. We loved life in the mountains so much that we have decided to stay and were able to locate some property very close to the leased farm. We will be moving to the new location by the middle of next month.

Since I have lost my camera (I am finally coming to the conclusion that it burned in the barn - as we are saying of everything that is currently misplaced) and will have limited access to the internet over the next few months, Joanna will be authoring a blog for us that will record and document our progress in the months ahead. The link for the blog is listed below. We welcome you to follow and provide any comments or suggestions. Also, offers of free physical labor will not be turned away. :)

Each of you is very important to us and we thank you all for your love and support. We look forward to sharing this new adventure with you!

Joanna should have included the following post note........."No spouses were harmed or injured in the placement or erection of the pop-up camper."

So far, so good........


  1. Stay tuned....Joanna is coming by for some new photos! Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Love the new blog Sandy!! Keep us posted! We miss you guys jeannie W.