Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Welcome to Buttermilk Acres

This former foundation of a house, will be Don and Sandy's home which sits on 10 acres in Trade, TN.

Rippling, Buttermilk Creek runs through the front yard.

This shed leads up through the back property.

The driveway,

The pop-up camper, next to the foundation, will be home while Don builds their house.

Until next time. You'll get updates evey few days.

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  1. Hey Buttermilk Acres!!! This is jeannie Williams,nee.... New Jersey farm girl! How are you both. We love looking at the blog so far, hoping to get up there again real soon! I'm ready to start framing if you'll let me pitch my tent! Sandy, Sandi Thrasher has been having a time with one of her twins. There was what lookied like a spider bite on her back, Turned out to be the meningeal worm!!! She's had the vet school helping her and the vet was awesome and came out to help. Please be real careful of this one. It attacks their entire neurological system and can cause paralysis if undetected!! So watch out for those babies. Seems they come from the white tailed deer and are passed on by slugs, if they eat them, they get real sick. I got to spend some time at "just about an Acre" with Sandi Friday night. She wanted to make sure that I let you know. Say some prayers for Millie! Looking forward to come and help anytime! Miss you and Don!