Sunday, July 10, 2011

preparing for Buttermilk Acres

Don and Sandy will be out of the rental farmhouse by next weekend; starting their new homesteading adventure on Buttermilk Acres.
"I don't want to move, I like here at Spring-Lake-Farm."
Bugsy - "There better be a bunch of fresh water at the new place."
Chicky - "Our new home is going to be called Buttermilk Acres."

"Just look around, who would want to move from here?"

"We're not budging."

"We hope Buttermilk Acres doesn't have any fences."

"I rather have fences but maybe the place won't have foxes trying to eat us either."
Sunday afternoon, Mike, Anthony, Rodney, and Don moved some of the larger furniture to a storage unit.

Rodney may be a guest blogger here in the future because he knows a lot of history about this Buttermilk area.

So what do the Henderson's do after the afternoon of moving? They throw a COOKOUT!
Sandy at the "controls."

On the 4-wheeler, Nevada gave me [Joanna] a tour of the Buttermilk Acres property. Lot's of potential. This the the old homestead.

back at the cookout, time for watermelon!


Posted by Joanna Wilcox of BooneDocksWilcox


  1. What fun and what an exciting adventure! I will look forward to following along. We live on a 58-acre tree farm in the Callahan Mountains of Oregon with chickens and goats!



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