Sunday, November 13, 2011

Raising the roof...

...or in HB's case, just mostly trying not to slide off!

More cabin updates...

The OSB siding on the walls is really starting to define the living space.

Looking towards the front sleeping loft.

From the front door looking back.

Cali - "I certainly HOPE you brought me a carrot!"

Chester and Cali - cell block neighbors.

Young rooster - Black Australorp hen and Welsummer rooster cross

ISA Brown hen - I love these girls and will plan to get more next spring.

Dust bath time.

The Infirmary - (AKA - Blossom's rabbit hutch). Blossom now shares her hutch with two hens that both have broken legs. We are not sure how one of the hens suffered her injury but the other hen was hit by a car. Blossom has been very patient and is proving to be quite the nursemaid.

And, whoever said that cats were not affectionate. Just look at the lovely gift that Jag left right in front of the door the other morning. He was quite proud of himself!


  1. Would you look at that! Cant wait to see how you are going to finish up the roof. Will you be in by winter?

  2. Almost there i bet you cant wait! Loved the pictures : ) Blossom is soooo sweet for sharing her home without a fight : )

  3. Thanks for stopping by, guys!

    Denise - The "plan" is to have the cabin dried-in and our wood stove up and running before the first significant snow of the season. We will then basically camp indoors this winter. Keep your fingers crossed!